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Bath Bombs.

Also known as bath fizzers or bath ballistics, they contain sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, which when added to water reacts producing fizz and bubbles, depending on how and what was added when creating.  Bath bombs make for fun at bath time, by adding colour, oils and aroma to your bath water.   

At Pasithea, our handmade in New Zealand formula comprises of no nasty harsh chemical fillers (such as sulphates or parabens) that are known skin irritates, keeping our products skin safe for almost everyone.

Bath Bombs our normal range of palm sized bath bombs contain skin loving oils, as well either dried botanic or coloured insides.  These are considered our "grown up" versions.

Surprise Bath Bombs designed to make little kids enjoy bath time, and those young at heart.  These hidden toy bath bombs contain a toy once all fizzed away.

Bath Crumble.

Bath fizz in a pot!  Bath crumble was created out of accident, but after becoming popular, become a permanent product.

Essentially a bath bomb in a pot, this allows you to regulate how much you use per bath, rather than 1 bomb per bath, you can get between 2-3 baths out of a crumble.  

Adding colour and aroma to your bath time, plus skin loving oils and Pasithea's no nasty harsh chemical formula.

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Bath Salts and Soaks.

Botanical inspired bath salts that consist of 3 types of New Zealand salts, to add a healthy dose of magnesium to your bath water.

Aiding your body to rest, relax and unwind.

Mixed with dried herbs or flowers, pure essential oils and skin loving oils.

Our milk soaks, include full fat powdered milk.  Lactic acid is a known softener which comes from the milk, leaving your skin baby soft and supple.  These also include the 3 types of salt as our bath salts so makes for a pampering luxurious bath time.

Bubble Rubble.

Powdered bubble bath created using no nasty harsh chemicals, instead using the lactic acid from powdered milk to produce soft gentle foam and bubbles, the key is more agitation the more bubbles.

Making this bubble bath suitable for all skin types.

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Shower Steamers.

For those who either don't have a bath or prefer to shower, shower steamers are designed to act like a bath bomb but in a more denser, faster fizz that releases a blend of pure essential oils to help alter your mood.

Named after classic kiwi songs, they are trying to get you to sing in the shower, which is also a known fact to lighten your mood.

Kick start the day, unwind or combat colds/sinus issues with a unique blend per shower steamer.  Contains 4 solid tabs.

Nail Care.

One of my personal passions has been nail care, so I was eager and excited to create my own range.  Nail Elixir, cuticle oil is a blend of oils that when used often and regular will help your nails to be healthier, stronger and grow longer.  Bases Covered, base coat is a helping hand to Nail Elixir by adding a protective layer over your nail to avoid environmental or water damage to the nail which will cause it to become weak, also can be worn alone for a soft clear shine, or under your chosen colour polish.

Nefertiti nail butter, a super thick, deeply hydrating form of hand cream that will keep your mutts in tip top shape.  Also works amazingly as a foot cream for keeping on top of cracked, dry heels.  

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face care, body care, face mask, natural, handmade, made in new zealand

Face and Body.

Collection of handmade products designed for your face and body, including face masks which have been created using all natural ingredients.

Fact:  Your skin is your largest organ, treat it with respect by using natural products that are free from harsh chemicals.

eco friendly small nz business

ensuring that all packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable

using ingredients that will not pollute our marine life