Pasithea, the Greek goddess of rest and relaxation

Pasithea owner creator Kirsty Palmer

The Owner/Creator/Magic maker of Pasithea

Hi, I'm Kirsty, in my late 30's and I started my journey in creating a bath and body business based in North Otago, in the south island of New Zealand back in December 2016.

Starting as a hobby making my own bath bombs I found my passion in creating all manner of bath time treats, it was fun being creative so I decided to take the leap into selling them, and so Pasithea was born.  With my own personal values in being cruelty-free and eco-friendly I have built Pasithea to have the same mottos. 

Born in England, I was lucky enough to meet and fall in love with my kiwi guy who thankfully married me, we live happily with our household of fur babies.  Bailey our Cocker spaniel boy, Lily our Sydney silky cross girl, and the trio of terror that describes our cats.

I am so excited to see how far I have been able to grow the business considering I am do most of the work on my own,  from the initial design, creation, labels, packing, website, social and all the fun accounts and admin side of business life.  

Pasithea (Pasi....Thea is how you pronounce it) was named as she was the Greek goddess of rest and relaxation.  This marred my geeky side of being a mythology nerd and the desired results of my products together beautifully, I couldn't have thought of a better name to embody my business.

Personal & Business Values

Time and effort is put into researching and sourcing all ingredients used in my products are from cruelty-free sources.

No Animal Testing
There is no animal testing in any of my products or their base ingredients.  I choose not to purchase from suppliers who can not verify that they do not test on animals. 

All that sparkles is safe to be washed down the drain and is safe for you!  Bioglitter is not plastic based like normal glitter that pollutes our marine life and is often irritating for our skins, it is derived from trees making it biodegradable.  Pastihea only uses Bioglitter.

Microbead Free
This should be a standard for every company as these are now banned worldwide, all my scrub products are created using natural ingredients including apricot kernels, jojoba beads, hazelnut husks.

Nail Product Formulas / Non Toxic                        Nail product formulas are all free from formaldehyde (and its resin), toulene, dibutyl pththalate (dbp) camphor, xylene, parabens and benzophene-1 

Paraben, Sulphate and Phthalate Free
Free from all nasty, harsh chemicals that can irritate skin making my products suitable for all skin types and safe for young children.  All ingredients are as naturally sourced as possible

* Eco-friendly (using the 3 R method of Recycle / Reuse / Re-purpose)

Passionate about being kinder to the Earth, we have but one and we all need to live on it.  Using the 3 R's all my packaging is from either recyclable plastic, glass or compostable cellophane.  Shipping boxes are from recycled materials or are re-purposed from local businesses, as is the packing for shipping from re-purposed bubble wrap, shredded newspaper or other re-purposed material that has been sourced from local suppliers saving it from landfill.   

Current packaging used and how to refuse them:  

Stand Up Pouches - recyclable

Aluminium Tins - reusable/recyclable 

Cellophane/Cellotape (both made from cellulose) - compostable

Cardboard Outer Boxes/Paper Tape - recyclable

Glass Bottles (nail oils/polishes) - recyclable and return program*

As of April 2019 we have switched to compostable and recyclable courier bags, with paper labels and cellulose packing tape, another positive step in the direction of being 100% eco friendly/responsible business

* Glass bottle return program.  As a company that wants less products to hit the landfill, the return and replace policy has been set up for all nail oil/polish bottles.  Simply return 6 bottles to Pasithea and you will get a full bottle replacement as a thank you.  This will allow for the returned bottles to be sanitised, fitted with new lids and reused.  


You will be able to locate events/markets that Pasithea has been signed up to attend, so you can come meet me in person and have a good smell of the products that you just can not convey over the internet.  

Waimate Strawberry Fare
Seddon Square

Saturday 14th December 2019:  10.30 am to 4 pm

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