Happy Holidays - End of year review

Wow what a wonderful start to the launch of Pasithea, and we would love to thank each one of you who has supported us so far.   Having only launched as a online prescence on the 1st of November we feel very humble to have had sold out completely on newly listed stock not once, but twice in such a short space.   This fuels our creativity for the New Year with so many wonderful creations in the planning stages.

Over the last 2 months we have released bath bombs which are such a joy to make as they are to use them, with the popular choice of our wee little mini ones over the jumbo versions a decision was made to remove the jumbo sized (marked as regular) and make what we were going to be limited edition only minis into a permanent fixture.   There will be more mini as well as normal sized which are not huge but big enough to enable the insertion of more wonderful embeds for even better bath art in the tub in 2017.

Bath salts and soaks, the milk soaks have been very popular and are our creative directors favourite to use herself being constantly amazed at how her skin gets softer after each soak plus a relaxed mind helping to get a restful sleep, which shows in all the new designs we have already started playing around with.  

Then our newest addition bubble bath cupcakes, which are just as yummy in scent as they are to look at.  A 2 in 1 product that acts as a bubble bar and bath bomb in one, with either strawberry and black cherry as options at the moment there are more on the horizon including a very tropical Malibu cocktail inspired creation which makes you foam at the mouth with it's island scents as you bathe in it letting your mind wonder to a far off hot sanded island.  Another fun item to make as it is to use, there is no doubt there will be more creations of these over the next year.

From the test table we have trials of bubble rubble ongoing which will be revealed very soon in the start of the new year as they are testing incredibly well, with bath truffles (mimic of bath melts) shower jellies, soaps and body products all in the test stages it is going to be a very exciting time at Pasithea and we can not wait for you to try them out.

Friday Freebie will be a constant feature over on our Facebook with the release of each new product as a mini celebration, if you are not already following us then head on over now here: Facebook Page 

Thank you again, and a double thank you if you made it to the bottom of the blog post!  A monthly newsletter will be starting in the New Year so if you are not already on that list head on over to our contact us page to subscribe so that you don't miss out on all the latest release news, discounts, promotions and trial team opportunities.  

Hope you all have an peaceful, relaxing holiday period in whatever you do or choose to celebrate, until the New Year be kind to one another and love from Pasithea x

Posted: Wednesday 21 December 2016


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