Bath Bomb Kit - How to use

Bath Bomb Kit - How to use

The DIY bath bomb kit was created as a fun activity for you to try and create your own bath bombs at home, or as a interactive experience with your children.  I wanted to create a low waste kit using as much recyclable components as possible including cardboard outer box, glass bottles and reusable bath bomb mould.

Whilst testing how easy it was to follow the how to guide leaflet I got my husband to give it a go while I documented the event, so here is a summary of how it went.

Firstly, you will notice in the photos that he is using a different pair of gloves, this is simply due to the fact that he is a giant and his hands will not go into the medium sized gloves that I provide in the kit, which on me are rather large.  

Safety is important, so included in the kit is a pair of medium gloves and face mask, as I want this kit to be able to be used with your little ones you can comment at checkout if you want some small gloves added for them and I will add them into your order free of charge.  The face mask is protective against the dust created when mixing the DRY mix with the WET.  Please ensure that you have any surfaces, skin or material covered when using as the dyes can stain, these are water soluable dyes that will wash off the skin after due time but may cause permanent damage to surfaces and fabrics.

Empty the pouch of DRY mix into a large bowl, shake the WET mix bottle well before pouring into the DRY mix.    Using you hands (protected by the gloves) work the mixes together until they look and feel like damp sand.  There is a little spray bottle of witch hazel provided to add into the mix if it appears to not be clumping like sand does, only add a few sprays at a time as it can activate the mixture if it becomes too wet, and you don't want that happening until the fully dried bath bomb hits the water in your bath tub.  Squeeze the mixture in your hands and it should hold in place, this is when you are ready to fill the mould provided.

The bath bomb mould halves do not fully lock together, so fill them up and push them together, give a little pressure for a few seconds then gently remove one side, turning over into your other hand and releasing the other side of the mould.  Gently place on a towel or bubble wrap and allow to dry, continue with the rest of the mixture.

There will be some crumbling from the excess that forms around the join of the mould, allow the bath bombs to fully dry for 24-48 hours before use.   Then fill up your bath tub wth some warm water, toss in the bath bomb and watch it fizz around playfully.

Another unique part of this kit is that it is customisable, you get to pick the colour and fragrance from the options offered, if there is a specific fragrance or colour that is not listed then just flick me a message or email and I will be happy to see if I can create it for you.

Posted: Monday 27 August 2018


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