Bubble Rubble (product of the month)

Ever had a bubble bath and your skin felt itchy afterwards, or after using shampoo your scalp slightly tingles and your hair feels like straw. This reaction is very common for those who don't even suffer from sensitive skin normally, the culprit sodium laureth sulfate (SLS).  Found in most detergents or products that require a bubbly foam this chemical is deemed safe for skin use in a small ratio, although many of us still react to it.  As a curly, dry hair lass I can assure you that SLS is like pouring bleach on your hair, it strips it and leaves it frizzy and unmanagable, a huge change came the day I kicked it out of my life.  

Why am I chatting about this now you may ask, well I want to give a proper introduction to Bubble Rubble, and tell you that it is something that needs more attention and love.  Here is why, it was designed as a way to give a bubbly bath without the use of SLS or any of its derivates instead after testng have found that lactic acid, those found naturally in milk can from a dried powder state produce a delicate foam with no harsh skin reaction.  Lactic acid also is known for its gently exfoilation when used in beauty treatment, there is a reason Cleopatra bathed in it!   So bubble rubble acts like a double bath product giving you a fun bight coloured bubbly foam and creamy milky water that softens the skin.  Bonus!

Currently available in 3 varieties, bubblegum, raspberry and tropical, you pinch out of the pouch how much you want and run through the running warm water as you fill the bath to get the bubbles going, as you move around the water more foaming action happens, so if you pop the kiddies in the bubbles get more as they play.  It isn't designed to give you a bath tub full of massive white foamy bubbles, there is just no natural way to do this without the addition of harsher chemicals which I am just not going to use, sorry (not sorry!)

The month of February is therefore dubbled Bubble Rubble month and for this month you can get to voice your opinion on which scent/colour should be the next addition to the range.  To take part head on over to our Facebook page and find the poll.   Want a discount?  Track down thiswildtribeofmine on Instagram who will be showing off the bubble rubble in action as well as having a unique code for you to save on your order.  


Posted: Wednesday 13 February 2019


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