Eco-Friendly Edition - Did You Know?

Here at Pasithea one of our business ethos is that we want to be as eco-friendly as possible, now you might be screaming at us from behind the PC about our courierbags but at this moment they are the hurdle we are working on as we also do want to abide by our affordability promise and changing to more expensive bio-degradeable courier bags and labelling will see an increase in shipping costs but we are working on improving this next year.

What is our packaging, why we use it, and how it can be dealt with.

Firstly, you may have recently noticed that we have started to phase out heat shrink wrapping with our newer and restocked items, this is because it is plastic that can not be reused or recycled.  Instead we have tailored our blends to produce a firmer, more stable bath bomb to allow it to be wrapped in cellophane only.

Did you know?  Cellophane can be composted!  That's right cellophane is made out of cellouse, a product produced by plant material and breaks down as would newsprint or regular paper over time.  Essentially cellophane is clear paper, not plastic.  So once you have unwrapped our bath goodies, don't put in the bin put into your compost.

Items like shower jellies, shower steamers and bath crumble are packaged in recycleable plastic containers, they have a plastic number on them which means that they can placed into your plastic recycling.  Alternatively as they have a resealable lid you could always clean them out and re-use them for other things, like storing stationery or beauty items.

Finally the glass products, bath salts and soaks come in glass vessels that can be either recycled or re-used.  They easily clean and you can sanitised them through a dishwasher to make them useable for a whole world of things.  I have heard of people using the milk glass bottles as flower vases, art brush storage, decoration.  Or you can pop them into the clear glass recycling. 

How your order is safely shipped.

Bubblewrap is not eco-friendly it can not be recycled however it can be re-used and that is how we safely ship your items with clean, re-used bubblewrap or other packaging materials like paper and newsprint.  It may not look pretty but all it needs to do to is keep your products protected and in just over a year we have luckily not had one single case of broken items so it must be working.  As orders increase and we run low on reusable materials we are looking to use shredded paper as a filler in our boxes to protect your orders against travelling around this great country of ours in the back of a courier van.

Is there anything you want to see Pasithea do in the new year to improve towards a more eco-friendly status?  

Posted: Thursday 7 December 2017


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