Introducing the goddess range

We are releasing the new goddess range amongst the special limited edition minis that are here for the holidays only.  Along with a mini of the popular Polar Blast, there are 4 new bath bombs which will be available in the normal sized products after the season has come to an end.

So let's take a look at who the 4 new goddesses:

Hekate (the Greek goddess of the wild places)

It is said in Ancient Greek mythology that Hekate (or Hecate) is associated with crossroads, entranceways, light, magic and embodies the wild places.  She was also known to be knowledgeable of various herbs and poisonous plants that through sourcery would use on mortals.  Hekate was chosen for this plum and lemon coloured bath bomb as it embodies an air of magic, with a blend of lavender know for it's ability to relax and Egyptian musk (plant based) which is used for keeping skin in a supple, smooth condition. 

Eos (the Greek goddess of dawn)

The dawn goddess Eos was known as such for opening the gates of heaven for the sun to be able to rise, enrobed in saffron cloth and golden in complexion, it was easy to pass her name onto our orange bath bomb that has been created for morning use, to awaken your mind, body and soul, ready to take the day on.  Heavily scented with sweet orange which gives your morning a peppy start.

Eirene (the Greek goddess of peace)

Literally meaning peace, Eirene was the daughter of Zeus and celebrated by Athens for emboding peace among their nation.  Her namesake bath bomb has a mottled effect of pink and aqua to create a soft pastel shade to your bath water, whilst the lavender relaxes and Melissa soothes your soul at times of turmoil, creating an aura of peace.

Galene (the Greek goddess of calm seas)

Galene is the calming of the seas, ones of the Nereids associated with the Aegean Sea, where they dwelt with their father Nereus in the depths within a golden palace (The Little Mermaid anyone?) Galene has a bath bomb that loosely resembles the earth, with lush green land masses and inky blue seas, fragranced with uplifting ginger and lemongrass to bring about calmness.

As Pasithea herself is a Greek goddess there will be more additions to the goddess range as time goes on, we are open to any requests for which goddess should be made into a bath bomb.

Posted: Monday 21 November 2016

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