How to have the best bath experience.

With Valentine Day, upcoming we thought that an awesome idea would be to write up how to create the best bath ever.   Everybody loves a relaxing bath experience and it goes hand in hand with romance, if our partners draw us a lovely candle lit bath they earn massive brownie points. 

On Friday 27th January, Pasithea will be releasing a limited number of best bath ever boxes which include a few items listed below.  Making it easy for our loved ones to gift this experience.

How to have the best bath ever - Romance Edition

Put your phone or mobile music device into an airtight plastic bag if it is intended to be used whilst taking a bath to prevent any damages

Soak in bath salts.  Epsom salts the main ingredient in bath salts is excellent for relaxing muscle tensions and aiding rest.    (Pasithea has a variety of bath salts for romance we suggest Victorian Rose bath salts which is heavily scent with a musky rose aroma.)

Build a DIY bath caddy so that you can relax as your books, tea or wine has a place to sit without fear of falling.

Rest your head on a waterproof bath pillow.  (Coming to Pasithea in a few weeks’ time.)

Drop a bath bomb into a warm bath, most are created with essential oils that are blended to target certain elements such as rest, or aiding sleep, to uplifting moods and creating romantic vibes.  (Pasithea has a vast selection to choose from, with some limited-edition Valentine Day options.)

Set the scene, illuminate the bathroom with tealights.  Softer light aids to relax your mind.  (Will be included in Pasithea gift pack.)

Bathe like Cleopatra and moisturise into a milk bath.  Milk has lactic acid which is a gentle natural exfoliate that softens skin as you soak for more youthful, brighter and supple look. (Available from Pasithea in milk or strawberry milk.)

Something sweet, enjoyment from eating sweet things like chocolate or fudge in the tub is an added step to relaxation and better moods.  (Will be included in Pasithea gift pack.)

Rose petals, scattered into the bath water to add nothing more than a splash of romance. (Will be included in Pasithea gift pack.)

Warmth, make sure that the room is warm, with warmed towel ready for when you get out.

Posted: Wednesday 18 January 2017


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