How to store your bath bombs

Moisture is the number one enemy of bath bombs.

At Pasithea we wrap each bath bomb tightly in 2 layers to ensure that you receive them in a dry, fresh state.  You should be able to keep them in this wrapping for at least a week if you store it in your bathroom, which most people do.  However, should you choose to store them in a dry environment they should keep in their original wrappings for up to a month. 

Sunlight also deteriorates bath bombs UV light will cause them to soften and discolour, so it is advised to keep them out of direct sunlight. 

Pasithea creates each bath bomb using a natural compound called Natrosorb, which is listed as tapioca starch (INC) on our ingredient listings.  This compound acts as a fragrance and colour enhancer, to ensure that the essential oils used keep for a long period without deteriorating.  This means that whenever you choose to use your bath bomb it should retain its full aroma power (if stored correctly, even using this compound will not counteract sunlight, moisture and humidity damages)

For best life store your bath bombs in an air tight container away from sunlight. 

Posted: Monday 7 November 2016

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