My Favourite Type

When you are given these 3 words, what comes to your mind.  For me I really took the time to sit back and have a think about what my favourite type would be, as I sat at my desk on a cold, "spring" (feel more like winter decided to pop back for a visit) Sunday afternoon it became very clear, my favourite type of Sunday, and here is how it goes.

My Favourite Type of Sunday, starts off with a well deserved lie in which sees all the beasts of the house jump in for a snuggle.  It usually consists of my husband and myself, followed by Lily, our little Sydney Silky tucking herself under the covers between us, then the Cocker Spaniel, Bailey will jump up onto my feet and curl up, next it is the cats who plop themselves down into the empty gaps until the duvet cover is hardly visible.  I know as I type this there maybe many who do a physcial shiver at the idea of animals in the bed, but it works for us as these are essentially our children.  After an extra 2 hours in bed, it's off to a good healthy breakfast that at the moment consists of a bowl of All Bran Honey Oats. Yay! for diets, right?  Then it is off for an adventure.

We take our dogs out everyday but on Sunday we seem to always do something a little different, so on my favourite type of Sunday, it would be a walk on the beach at low tide, we live very near to Kakanui and the Moeraki Boulders, so have ample of choices to take the dogs and lucky for us these are all off leash type of beaches, when the tide is at it's lowest you can walk for miles.  Both of our dogs are unique however, with Lily wanting to chase a thrown ball into the waves and Bailey, he will chase pinecones and sticks into the water to retrieve but his favourite thing to do is "rescue" beached seaweed and drag it into the water, it happened by chance one day and he has done it every since, kind of odd and really random but it makes him happy and seaweed is apparently very good for their teeth so can't be upset by that.  After tiring them out, we take the very wet and stinky pups home, for a quick bath and they happily go to sleep in their crate, allow us to sneak out by ourselves later on.

Next, let's talk about what my lunch would be on my favourite type of Sunday, a pub lunch would be nice especially after a long beach walk, but to be completely honest, if we go to Hampden and walk to the Moeraki Boulders and back, it warrants a nice feed of fish and chips on the beach before heading home, diet or not, this is my favourite lunch options, especially if the local 4 square have more of their UK imported goodies such as a can of cream soda (which is completely different to creaming soda by the way) it goes well with fish and chips.

 After a spot of Pokemon Go, yes we are a couple who actually enjoy playing this game together.  It is back home for a rest and relaxation, where I usually find myself curled up on the sofa with a Rachael Ray cookbook planning out the coming week's food, with a face mask on of course.   If we are talking my favourite type of Sunday, then that of course means that I would not be cooking the Sunday roast, the husband can do that whilst I relax....perfect!  Even more so if he happen to go out and grab a nice bottle of Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc (my favourite just so you know) to go with said dinner.  If we are really going crazy on the best ever type of Sunday, he would also do the washing up too, and put away.   A girl can dream right?  

To round the day off, a lovely soak with one of my creation mishaps, I have a box of "oops" bath bombs that are just a little ugly for selling or have little cracks in them that I happily use up myself, and of course if we opened that bottle of wine with dinner it would be a shame to see it go to waste, a glass goes perfect with a nice hot soak at the end of the day.  There would also be a romcom on the TV or a Marvel movie, I'm addicted to those, to watch after the bath, with some nice smelling candles and as we are talking my favourite type of Sunday, maybe the diet can lapse for a day and I can get a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream for dessert, plus another glass of wine of course.

If I was to say to you, the reader.  What is your favourite type?  What would you reply.

Posted: Sunday 8 October 2017


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