Pack a S.A.D

Pack a S.A.D

As we enter the colder, cooler months often we find ourselves becoming victims to more frequent outbreaks of mood swings, depression, sadness and anxiety.  Seasonal changes strikes the best of us, from the reduction in energy to motivate ourselves to get up and out in the darker, colder weather.  Exercise and self care can keep symptons at bay, but it is hard when the bed is just trying to keep us in it's warm cocoon. 

S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) is a medical condition and is the most severe form, but we all suffer from the "winter blues" in many different ways and at different degrees.  If you find that your feeling are becoming unbearable, and you no longer feel in control please make an appointment to your GP they can help you.  You can also seek help from

Self Care Help: There are plenty of at home remedies you can try to help you, some from Pasithea's range of products.

Pasithea mood boosting shower steamers, these little blocks have the power of pure essential oils which in certain blends have proven to alter mind set.  Need that extra boot up the bum to get going in the morning, toss in Glorifila to the foot of your shower, let the steam pick up the grapefruit, lime and lavender oils and inhale to clear negative thoughts and boost your mental alertness to step out on the right foot with positivity.  Great for both the shower or bath, heck I even use them as part of my pedicure treat once a week by putting 1 cube in a bowl of warm water and letting my feet soak whilst inhaling the oil magic.  Check the range here >> whatever mood lifting ability you are looking for there is a shower steamer ready to unleash its magic.  Got a cold, cough or sniffles, try Pressure Man for a vapour version to clear your symptons to help you breath better, whilst lifting your mood to help you tackle those nasty bugs.

* Keep motivated to get up, as much as that bed tries to keep you in on days off, try and keep to your normal schedule.

* Try to exercise as much as you can, it releases so many good feeling hormones that it can help to keep those nasty thoughts and feelings at bay.

* Eat plenty of fresh veg and fruit it is said too often but the vitamins and minerals in them are good for not just your physical health but your mental state of mind too

* Water, drink it like you would through the warmer months, just because it is cold your body still needs hydration, lack of it makes you feel sluggish and depressed in turn.

* Find your own way, do what makes you happy forsake other people's thoughts and opinions.  The little things that make you happiest are what you need to do.  Dance like no one is watchng, sing like you are on stage, act funny, be silly, just be you.  

* Get in front of the mirror and talk to yourself and the demons in your mind (it is one of the best tools I have personally done and do to this day) tell them enough, tell them all the positive things about yourself, your family loving you  Smile to yourself, even if you have to force yourself in time it will become a habit, you will start to see a person you like, and in turn love yourself.  

* Cry, go on if you want to cry for heaven sake cry, let it out be all Elsa like and let it go.  There is no weakness in it, it is healing and better out than kept in  Crying for no reason is ok, it is your way of letting the pain out.  

I am not an expert on these matters and all these words written before you are my own, from my very own journey through depression and anxiety which still hangs over me like a monster every day, some days it wins and drags me into its dark, deep, lonely hole from which I feel I am never climbing out of, but I have taught myself to get up and address it, I won't let it consume me completely, I fnd the humour in everything life throws at me and surround myself with the tools and people to keep me sane.  It is the reason for some of Pasithea mood enhancing products, as I find something that works for me I want to make it into something I can share with everyone. 

Find your way you will be fine. It is ok not to be ok, you can get help, reach out, don't be scared to let others in, you are not weak to admit you need help, you are brave for being strong for so long.  Please, if you find that you are in a place where you can not find an exit, you can not control it then reach out to family, friends, your GP or the many other places that are there to help without judgement.  There is always hope, a light at the end of the tunnel.  Believe in yourself!

I would love to hear in the comments anyone elses experience and how they cope, do you have any tips to offer others that they might be able to use.  

Posted: Wednesday 11 April 2018


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