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Pasithea's mini range was created to help organisations purchase small versions of our popular items to sell on and raise funds.   However, these popular minis have also been purchased for events (as party bag fillers, wedding table gifts, subscription boxes, events and more...)

Our mini range consists of mini bath bombs which can be customised to your needs with your choice of colours and fragrances, or opt for a lucky dip, or even mini versions of our botanical bath bombs.    Mini bath salts and bubble rubble are in 50g pouches instead of the full sized 300g pouches.  Both bath salts and bubble rubble are  minis of current stock.  

mini bath bomb fundraising

How to order: send an email to

mini bath bomb fundraisingMini Bath Bombs:  Flat disc type bath bombs, wrapped in biodegradable cellophane.

Minimum order qty: 12

Cost: $1.25 each (Retail Value: $5.50)

mini bath salts fundraisingMini Bath Salts:  Miniature versions of our current bath salt range including dried herbs/flowers. 

Minimum order qty: 12

Cost: $2.85 each (Retail Value: $8.50)

mini bubble rubble fundraisingMini Bubble Rubble: Miniature versions of our current bubble rubble range.

Minimum order qty: 12

Cost: $1.05 each (Retail Value: $5.00)

Terms and conditions:  Orders are custom made upon payment, an invoice will be sent once order placed with payment details included.  Time frame is generally 14 working days, however this may be lesser or greater depending on current demand and orders.  Additional fee applies for shipping.  Within New Zealand only.  Feedback can be found on Pasithea's Facebook Page >> 

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