Pressure Man - NEW 8 pack

Pressure Man - NEW 8 pack
New for 2019, shower steamers now come in a fully recyclable container and contains 8 cubes for more shower time.

Designed for those suffering from allergies, sinus issues or colds, coughs and aches that go along with that.

Pressure Man wants to relieve the pressure in your nose, your head, your chest with a blend of decongestive, antibacterial and antiviral essential oils which will work to make you breath easier, clearer and help tackle the virus behind the symptoms allowing you to get on with it, sleep easier, breath and feel more upbeat.
Cinnamon leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils mingle with the steam of your shower to create a bubble of relief.

Pressure Man, a hit for the NZ band The Feelings.

HOW TO USE: Place 1 shower steamer block in the base of your shower, as the block fizzes away the oils get to work.
NZ$ 9.00
Or make 6 weekly interest free payments from $1.50
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